Residential Bed Bug Removal

Residential Bed Bug Removal - Metro Detroit

Although they can usually be found in homes, bed bugs are notorious for their complete lack of discrimination. Every environment is attractive to them, whether dirty or clean, hotel or homestead, or even areas you wouldn’t expect such as a hospital waiting room or the cinema. 

As a result, bed bugs can show up anywhere and whenever they do, it can be a signal of an even greater problem. It is important to act fast in these circumstances to eliminate the problem before it gets bigger. 

While bed bugs are a serious pest problem no matter where they show up, the realities of the problem and likely solutions often differ for commercial and residential areas. 

A bed bug infestation in the home will be intensely uncomfortable and embarrassing, and may even lead to secondary health problems. But with a business, the dimensions of an infestation are even more worrying as you run the risk of severe damage to your business reputation, loss of customers, and ultimately, loss of profits. 

Due to the unique differences in bed bug problems within commercial and residential settings, pest removal technicians usually take special approaches, depending on the setting. How much will this approach vary between commercial and residential environments? Here’s all you should know. 

Residential bed bug removal 

Homes are a major attraction for bed bugs, simply because that’s where we spend most of our time. Bed bugs are naturally drawn to warm-blooded hosts and can travel several feet just to enjoy a blood meal. 

Another reason why they are often fond of homes is how they feed. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and prefer to feed at night. They will typically creep out of their dark, warm hiding places to grab dinner, usually between the hours of 12am and 5am. Their favorite targets are sleeping humans, although they will make do with any warm-blooded animal they can find. 

Due to these factors, homes and other residential environments typically require high levels of bed bug removal services. In assisting with pest extermination in these environments, pest management professionals are careful to keep important health, comfort, and financial considerations in mind. Here at Thermal Eradication, for instance, our residential bed bug removal services are designed to provide homes in our cities with: 

  • Early identification and detection of bed bugs: Bed bug infestations are often quick to occur in residential settings, due to the difficulty of catching an infestation early. It can be easy to bring bed bugs into the home when the critters cling on to luggage, clothing, and hair. Couple with their incredibly prolific reproduction ability, residential settings can go from zero to a full-blown infestation in just a few weeks. At Thermal Eradication, we try to catch these infestations while they are still small, in order to ensure that the problem can be dealt with swiftly and comprehensively. This is why we encourage homeowners to inform us quickly if they suspect bed bugs have infiltrated their home.
  • Implementation of non-toxic, non-hazardous treatments: Dealing comprehensively with a bed bug infestation is important. But protecting your health and the environment is just as important. As a result, we use only non-toxic, non-harmful treatments when dealing with a bed bug pest control problem. Our non-toxic treatments include heat treatments, which eliminate entire infestations of bed bugs using intense heat.
  • Thorough extermination services: In addition to non-toxic treatments, we typically spend more time inspecting homesteads to understand the extent of a bed bug problem. These critters can be very smart and finding them in homes can be tougher than residential areas. This is because homes typically have a lot of clutter, and this provides many places for bed bugs to hide. Where insufficient effort is put into checking every single area and item thoroughly, you can be certain that the bed bugs will be back in short order. As a result, we are very careful about conducting a thorough search for these creatures before implementing comprehensive termination measures.
  • Swift treatments: Finding out you have a bed bug infestation is not only embarrassing, it’s quite simply an annoying inconvenience. Families who have an infestation in their will typically have to leave the apartment for a while, especially when the problem is severe. This means spending money on a hotel or moving in with family, which can lead to severe inconvenience. At Thermal Eradication, we are aware of this inconvenience and we tailor our services to provide swift extermination measures that take of the problem fast. With our proprietary heat treatments, it is possible to get rid of the pests in your home in as little as a day. You can trust that we will pull out all the stops to get back home and settled as soon as possible. 

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