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Metro Detroit Bed Bug Removal - CommercialAlthough they can usually be found in homes, bed bugs are notorious for their complete lack of discrimination. Every environment is attractive to them, whether dirty or clean, hotel or homestead, or even areas you wouldn’t expect such as a hospital waiting room or the cinema. 

As a result, bed bugs can show up anywhere and whenever they do, it can be a signal of an even greater problem. It is important to act fast in these circumstances to eliminate the problem before it gets bigger. 

While bed bugs are a serious pest problem no matter where they show up, the realities of the problem and likely solutions often differ for commercial and residential areas. 

A bed bug infestation in the home will be intensely uncomfortable and embarrassing, and may even lead to secondary health problems. But with a business, the dimensions of an infestation are even more worrying as you run the risk of severe damage to your business reputation, loss of customers, and ultimately, loss of profits. 

Due to the unique differences in bed bug problems within commercial and residential settings, pest removal technicians usually take special approaches, depending on the setting. How much will this approach vary between commercial and residential environments? Here’s all you should know. 

Bed bug infestations in commercial environments are often a curious problem. Nobody expects to get to work one day and start squashing bed bugs on a Monday morning. But bed bugs are not averse to perpetuating themselves in office environments, causing annoyance and generally bringing business to a stop. 

They are also very common in hotels and lodging providers. In fact, one survey indicates that bed bugs are the number one concern people have when choosing a hotel to lodge in. Many guests will look thoroughly in every corner before feeling comfortable and if even one critter is found, they’ll pack their bags and flee. 

Due to this, hotels and other business environments typically want to avoid incidences of bed bug infestation or any other pest control problem. At Thermal Eradication, we know that bed bugs can cost a business big time, in terms of their reputation, customers, profits and may even cost them good workers. As a result, we take special care in responding to commercial bed bug removal requests, including providing the following services: 

  • Urgent services: With businesses, bed bugs are a big problem that must not get out of hand. They need fast, efficient, and effective pest control by entomologist-trained technicians who can respond immediately. Often, the faster the problem can be solved, the quicker the business can back to its trade, minimizing breaks in service. At Thermal Eradication, we are available 24/7 and can respond to calls for assistance from any business establishment, and we also provide same-day assistance.
  • Close inspection: Pest inspections in a business environment are required to be as focused and thorough as possible. Because the cost of missing even a single egg can be high, there’s no room for error and this is something we recognize. We typically begin our inspection from places where people sit or remain for long periods at a stretch. In appropriate cases, these areas can be swept using canine inspection. A trained dog can sniff out bed bugs with high efficiency, even if there’s only one bed bug in the environment.
  • Multiple elements: Commercial environments typically vary in size and the scope of the establishment. We are prepared to comb through environments of varying complexity and scale. We are also increasingly getting reports of bed bug infestations in different types of businesses, such as movie theaters, hospital waiting rooms, and even restaurants. We understand how diverse these environments can be and work carefully to ensure we are looking in the right cracks and crevices for the bed bugs troubling the establishment.
  • Multiple sites: Sometimes, businesses will have multiple sites that are experiencing a bed bug problem at once. In this case, it will be necessary to visit each site either in sequence or according to the scale of the problem.
  • Single-day treatments: This is very important for businesses – when it comes to pest eradication, there’s no time to waste. With every hour that the business or specific site is closed for inspection or extermination, valuable opportunities and even revenue are being lost. As a result, commercial entities prioritize treatments that can allow them to return to business quickly, and hopefully, without exposing the fact of a pest control problem. At Thermal Eradication, this is also important to us and we work to ensure a swift return to business using our heat treatments, which can entirely get rid of bed bug nest in a single day.
  • Discrete operations: Managing a pest problem can be difficult, especially the need to ensure the business’ reputation is not harmed by the problem. We understand the need for discretion in these circumstances and our technicians also prioritize the need to reduce the fallout for businesses as much as possible.
  • Prevention plan: Lastly, implementing a prevention plan is usually an important consideration for businesses. While treating a bed bug problem is important, preventing it in the first place is even more so. We work with businesses to draft comprehensive prevention plans to detect, identify and quickly resolve pest control issues before they become a problem. 

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Dealing with a bed bug problem can be tough, whether in a residential or commercial setting. But regardless of the scale of the problem, you can always depend on an experienced pest management professional to help rid you of the problem swiftly, efficiently, and as safe a manner as possible. 

To learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services at Thermal Eradication, please contact us. 

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